What is a freight?

Freight in the word means to carry cargo and is synonymous with the words cargo, cartage, freightage. “Freight cargo” is the term for sending non-accompanying air cargo to foreign countries. Freight can be done in different ways depending on its type, amount and destination. But what matters in a passenger freight ferry is its affordable price compared to the Passenger overload ; In the following, we will discuss the differences between these two categories. Freight can be done to all countries of the world. Countries such as: USA, Australia, Canada, England, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, UAE, Finland, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, etc. In this article, we will deal with all aspects of freight.

Passenger freight: the best solution for sending immigrants and students

In short, freight or passenger freight is very suitable for those who intend to immigrate or travel or continue their studies abroad. This is because air travel passengers are always concerned about the permissible amount of air freight, and the high prices of passenger overload prevent them from carrying their necessities. But it is good to know that through Freight Bar, immigrants and students abroad can bring all their home appliances and personal belongings, under the name of Personal Effects to their desired country Freight / strong> or send. Freight includes a variety of goods and supplies, and at a much lower cost than other shipping methods, in different volumes and weights. On this page we will talk about freight costs.

Ferry: The best alternative to passenger overload

Freight is the best alternative to passenger overload. Because in Freight , you are allowed to carry any amount of personal and non-commercial cargo, for a much lower amount than overload; Provided that your goods are not considered as unauthorized goods in the freight. In the passenger freight, you can send all the equipment allowed in the freight, before or after your flight, to your destination in any corner of the world, and whenever you reach your destination, at the airport customs, clear your cargo And receive.

Which countries do ferries operate to?

You can fly your cargo and supplies to any city in the world that has an airport. We can also arrange for your cargo to be transported by land from the nearest airport to your destination if your destination city does not have an airport. Today, logistics services, with their vast advances, have made it possible for shipments to be sent in combination, by air, sea and land, to anywhere in the world.

Freight guide from Imam Khomeini Airport intelligent cargo terminal

If you read this Freight Guide thoroughly, you will easily get acquainted with the steps of sending your home appliances abroad. The company’s specialized team will do all the freight steps for you, and take care of all your freight air freight steps, except when you need to be authenticated. they give. Galaxy Transporter does the freight steps for you, but for your knowledge of the freight steps, in this article, we will explain the steps of sending passenger freight in 10 steps.

4- Preparing and completing passenger freight documents

In order to send passenger freight, it is necessary to have some documents, such as: copy of the sender’s passport and ticket and completing the relevant forms; Our experts will inform you all the necessary information regarding the necessary documents and provide you with the forms related to the customs declaration. Completion and preparation of required documents, under the supervision of experienced experts of this company, is done in the shortest time. For more information, visit the Freight Documents page Read.

5- Obtaining the necessary permits for freight

Due to the nature of some times, packaging or some destinations that have special sensitivities for the goods to enter their country, or sometimes at the request of the customer, some permits need to be obtained (such as: wooden box spraying certificate, certificate of origin and …) There is a load before sending. Our experienced and specialized staff, in the shortest possible time, will prepare and obtain all the necessary permits to send or clear the cargo to your destination. The long history and effective communication of Galax Trabar Company with all competent organizations and companies to issue and obtain the necessary licenses is a guarantee of professional and reliable services to you, dear customers.

6- Carrying out customs formalities for freight

The team of Galaxy Tarabar Fast Company based in Imam Khomeini Airport Customs, which consists of 8 experienced and skilled manpower with a brilliant history in Imam Khomeini Airport, has undertaken all the steps of your customs formalities and in the shortest They will be at your service with the best service when possible. The presence of the managers of the export department of the Galaxy Trabar Fast Company in the smart cargo terminal of Imam Khomeini Airport, and their availability, promises the quality and appropriate service of you, dear customers.

7- Issuance of bill of lading, reservation and issuance of passenger freight insurance

Galaxy Transport Company is one of the largest and most experienced companies based at Imam Khomeini Airport, with official license from the Civil Aviation Authority and stock of all domestic and foreign airlines. . Experienced and specialized personnel of Imam Khomeini Airport office of Galactic Transport Company, with a staff of 10 people, are ready to provide complete services such as: issuing various types of bill of lading, insurance policies and making reservations with the first possible flight, to you dear customers.
Due to the limitations in air freight insurance, Galaxy Fast Transport Company, with the sales representatives of the most reputable Iranian and international insurance companies, is at your service, dear customers, if necessary for excess cargo insurance. Galaxy Fast Transport Company brings you the experience of direct and quality services without intermediaries. Experience the lowest air freight rates by eliminating intermediaries with us.

8- Attach tags and labels, X-ray and cargo delivery to the airline

All customer information, including name, address and contact number, is entered in the air bill of lading and each bill of lading has a unique 11-digit number, which is accompanied by information on the weight, number, origin and destination of the cargo by a “tag »Is attached to the packages. After attaching the tag and inspecting all the packages by the “X-ray” device, the cargo delivered to the relevant airline is customs cleared and will be protected and stored in this warehouse until it is transferred to the aircraft warehouse for shipment. All these steps are performed by the company’s personnel in the presence of the customer or their legal representatives.

9- Delivery of bill of lading and other documents to the customer and settlement

We are your host at Imam Khomeini Airport, one of the largest and most experienced offices located at the airport. At this stage, a copy of the bill of lading (shipping contract) and a copy of all documents and licenses obtained and a print related to cargo reservation, will be provided to dear customers and the account will be settled. Complete customer satisfaction in all stages is the top priority of Galaxy Fast Transport Company.

10- Support and track the load until it reaches its destination

Selling is not the end; Rather, it is the beginning of a commitment. With this slogan, Galax Trabar Company is committed to supporting and tracking the shipments and by creating the necessary infrastructure through the site, email correspondence, WhatsApp and Dear customers, we answer the phone 24 hours a day.

Cost of freight to abroad

"Freight costs" and their management for travelers and immigrants and students who intend to send their cargo or home appliances abroad, is one of the most important issues in the international transportation and logistics industry. If you are planning to immigrate or travel abroad, to send your cargo to your desired destination, you need to be able to know and manage your freight costs. Costs include: Ferrite freight packaging cost Shipping cost to the cargo area of ​​Imam Khomeini Airport
  • Weighing, unloading, loading and storage costs
  • Cost of customs formalities and obtaining a passenger bag
  • Costs of obtaining permits for cargo and packaging
  • Air charge bill
For more information on any of the above, visit freight cost .

Carriage of dangerous goods by air

In sending air freight, whether as a commercial freight or as a passenger freight, different goods are transported. Some of these goods fall into the category of goods called "Dangerous Goods". Dangerous goods include goods or substances that have the potential to endanger the health and safety of property or the environment and are listed in or classified under the IATA Hazardous Goods Regulations List. For more information you can visit the page Airborne Dangerous Goods .
Air transportation of live animals, especially pet air transportation, is one of the most important and specialized services of Galax Trabar Company. Transporting live animals by plane requires sufficient knowledge and the bed of the transport company, in terms of documents and how to transport live animals. The high knowledge of the air transport company makes your animal be transported by plane with complete health and safety and reach your desired destination with the least stress and worries. The experts of Galax Trabar Galaxy Company, by passing the relevant international training courses - under the supervision of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) - can easily guide you in this field so that you can act with peace of mind and knowledge of the relevant laws. Send your pet abroad. For more information page Pet Air Transport .

Goods allowed in passenger freight

Generally in the case of passenger freight, you are allowed by customs to send your personal items and home appliances - so that it is not commercial. Items such as kitchen appliances, bedroom and dining accessories, clothes, dishes, carpets, groceries and ... You can see the full description of the authorized items for sending by air abroad in the page of authorized goods in passenger freight.

Prohibited goods on the freight bar

In general, sending cargo by plane has its own limitations. Apart from this, sending goods abroad also has its customs aspects, both at the origin and at the destination. Hence, an issue is opened under the title of prohibited goods in passenger freight. These prohibitions sometimes have a security aspect and sometimes a customs aspect. Awareness of these prohibitions protects you from the hassle of successive inspections, returns, or possibly confiscation of your cargo at customs of origin and destination. We have dealt with this important issue in a separate page. For more information, read the page on goods prohibited from sending cargo by plane.

Customs rules and regulations regarding passenger freight and departure of goods from Iran:

Outgoing passengers, whether Iranian or foreign, can carry Iranian goods up to the limit set for incoming passengers, in addition to travel equipment and personal belongings; Provided that both groups of goods are not commercial.
Foreign nationals who officially work or study in Iran, at the end of their period of work or study can normally leave their equipment without a license or business card.
Up to 100 grams of saffron is allowed for each passenger. This time it can be carried with the passenger or it can be sent as a passenger ferry.

The departure of all kinds of nuts with the passenger to an extent that is not commercial is not prohibited. The maximum allowable amount of pistachios for departure is 10 kg per passport. Exit note: Pistachios, pistachio kernels, nuts and saffron are prohibited for Iranian travelers to three countries: Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The above restriction does not apply to tourists who have a foreign passport.

The departure of all kinds of nuts with the passenger to an extent that is not commercial is not prohibited. The maximum amount of pistachios allowed to leave is 10 kg per passport. Note Exit of pistachios, pistachio kernels, nuts and saffron is prohibited for Iranian travelers to Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The above restriction does not apply to tourists who have a foreign passport.
Handmade carpets are allowed to leave with the passenger up to a ceiling of 20 square meters and the passenger has no limit in terms of the number of pieces of carpets, provided that he observes the mentioned ceiling. Note – In addition to air borders, carpets are allowed to leave the land and sea borders. Note – Exquisite carpets that have historical value and cultural heritage are prohibited. Note – Carpets with passengers to Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia are not allowed to leave.
According to the regulations of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, cash withdrawals up to a maximum of 5,000 euros (or equivalent in other currencies) are free for each passenger. Cash outflows in the form of bank traveler’s checks are also free. Carrying more than 5,000 Euros in foreign currency is subject to the rules and regulations governing the foreign currency accompanying the passenger and requires a declaration to customs. Failure to comply with the above provisions will be subject to the penalties provided for in the Law on Combating Commodity and Currency Smuggling adopted in 1996.
According to Article 122 of the Customs Law, the entry of control birds (including helicopters, quadcopters, etc.) is subject to obtaining a legal permit, and if individuals carry this device with them when leaving the country, they must notify the customs.
The departure of personal jewelry with the passenger from a variety of gold, silver and platinum products will be allowed up to a maximum of 150 grams. If the jewelry in question is adorned with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc., the weight of the jewel assigned to them should not exceed a total of one carat.
Export of silver utensils and artifacts (except jewelry) by the passenger is allowed up to a maximum of three kilograms, provided that the objects are not considered cultural and historical monuments.
The removal of antiques, original works of art, manuscripts and lithographs, calligraphic pieces, miniature papers, all kinds of precious coins and any kind of historical objects and cultural heritage is prohibited.
Transportation and transportation, or even carrying electrical appliances with batteries or spare batteries and power banks, in aviation, have restrictions, prohibitions and special conditions of transportation. For example, a lithium-ion battery that overheats can cause an explosion or fire. The burning temperature of such batteries is more than 600 degrees Celsius. Therefore, carrying battery-operated equipment in the passenger freight is an important issue that has been addressed in the discussion of dangerous goods. See the article Carrying Lithium Batteries on a Plane for more information.

Important points to know about passenger freight:

1: One week to ten days before the trip, to send the passenger ferry < strong> Contact us . 2: Considering the customs holidays, you must make a freight at least two days before the trip. 3: Imam Khomeini (RA) Customs is closed on Thursdays, Fridays and other official holidays of the country. 4: To do freight, get help from companies with air freight licenses and offices at Imam Khomeini Airport (such as Galaxy Fast Transport Company). 5: The embedding of any goods and their concealment from the point of view of customs officers on freight is considered smuggling and will be subject to the regulations related to the smuggling of goods. 6: Strictly avoid delivering other people’s goods. Because you have any legal responsibility and if any customs violation is discovered, you must be held accountable.