We ship to all cities with airports in the country. We can pick up your luggage from the place and send it to the destination airport with the first possible flight.

Domestic shipping:

For fast galaxy transport, it makes no difference whether it takes cargo from the manufacturer and delivers it to the consumer in the country or receives goods from personal customers.

Air transport of live animals, especially air transport of pets, is one of the important and very specialized services of Fast Galaxy Company, which has a lot of experience and skills in this field.

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Galaxy Air Fast Cargo Services Company, using the experience of many generations in the international transportation and air transportation industry, as well as using experienced and professional staff, is able to provide all services related to cargo air, land and sea transportation in accordance with Provide with the needs of each customer.
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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined, and arrive at results that fill what is with what can be.

Collection service

Send your luggage easier! The fast galaxy transporter has a large network of collecting and receiving loads. We can pick up your luggage free of charge.

Special service

Galaxy Transporter knows that providing the usual services in the aviation industry can not meet the needs of customers with special needs.

Timely delivery of tender papers

We want to bring you closer to victory with high speed of action in timely delivery of bids.

Support functions

We have the best and most responsive support among shipping companies. And you can trust our shipping company. And leave your support to us.

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Get worldwide fast galaxy transport

We can transport your goods all over the world.
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Online shopping delivery

You, who conduct your business transactions electronically, are aware of the necessity and its aviation services. We will deliver your purchased goods to the final destination as fast as possible. It does not matter to us whether your business exchanges are between company and company, company with consumer, consumer with consumer or consumer with company. We have the best options for you for fast and safe delivery of goods purchased online.

Express post

International shipping and fast post company with the most up-to-date transportation equipment, offices and active branches of STK around the world and accompanied by a group of professional and experienced experts and consultants, specialized in the field of import and export of goods and Shipping works. Also, by offering different types of transportation services, it has tried to provide the best services and create distinctive and efficient transportation services for our dear compatriots.

Some of the company’s air freight services include the following:
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